You look at me with eyes unclouded by sin

Crevan N. Bonaventure
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Ummm, I am 12 years old who comes from a pure-blood family. I likes lots of things, but I do not like bright lights, for they hurt my eyes. My wand is Dragon heartstring, cherry , 9 1/2 inches. I have a bad habit of forgetting things. I have one older sister who was a Griffendor(k), but she graduated like 10 years ago, and she is now living in London...somewhere. When it comes to houses, well, I am only truily baised against Hufflepuffs, because, I have seen very few break out of the sterotype of the being a bunch of duffs. (So says me Mum, and she was a Hufflepuff, SHHHH!) I think the only reason why I could be neutral to house rivaerilies, because, my family has come from all the diffrent houses. (so, 1/4 of my family was enthralled to find out I became a Slyth. LOL. The other 3/4th were giving Galleons to the 1/4 that won the bet.) Well, Anything else you wanna know, just leave a comment and I will get around to awnsering it.

Crevan is Protrayed by Gackt